Genius Minds Academy (GMA) provides inspirational and knowledge enhancement workshops, seminars and consultancy services to corporations for all levels including Managing Directors, Managers and Executives and School Training for Teachers and Students for in-house programme in collaboration with Nexus Training International Pte Ltd (NTI), Singapore. Our seminars and workshops provide insights into our client’s strengths and limitations, intrinsic motivators, thinking orientation and their potential. We seek to develop human potential and organizational growth by venturing beyond conventional ideas to make new breakthroughs and quantum changes in personal and professional life.
Through the use of innovative and creative learning technology and pedagogy, we constantly develop human capital – an essential that contributes to the success of an individual, an organization, a nation through Service Excellence, Leadership & People Management. For Adult learning we use andragogy principles which allow the adult learners to engage in personal reflection and group sharing, in order to facilitate their own learning.
Our programmes are designed to create a holistic and empowering learning experience for our clients in their quest to become academically accomplished role models, responsible decision makers, inspiring leaders, excellent communicators and caring citizens. GMA also runs career Counseling Centre to help students to discover their talents, skills and potential and explore the various possibilities and opportunities in order to make informed career choice.


To provide a holistic and empowering learning experience that allows every individual to rediscover and unleash their true potential.


To be a vibrant and dynamic learning hub – a beacon of inspiration and excellence


Courage, Progress, Respect, Service, Excellence